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    Can you put green plants opposite the door?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Can you put green plants opposite the door?”
    1. Can you put green plants across the door of the household door
      can you put green plants across the house? Many people choose to put some potted plants at home. Essence Green plants at the door are also particular, so can green plants be placed across the door of the household?
      Can you put green plants opposite the door of the household? 1 The green plant at the door
      1. Placing green plants is conducive to Feng Shui. The location of the field is a very good Feng Shui level in Feng Shui. There are three visibles in the feng shui science at the door. It is good to see the celebration, seeing green plants, and entering the door. So in general, green plants at the door are very good, which is very conducive to Feng Shui.
      . There are many plants that can be placed on the door in the home, but in general, green plants with vines are the best. Generally speaking, vines can absorb foreign Feng Shui. It is greatly beneficial. A good vine green plant is not only very pleasing to the eye, but also improves the family's wealth and career.

      What plants at the door are good Feng Shui
      osmanthus trees are good for the development of wealth
      The osmanthus trees at the door of the house are very conducive to a person's fortune and it will indirectly affect a one The comprehensive fortune of others will become more and more happy in many aspects. But it is worth noting that it is not a good osmanthus tree, it is best to do good things, two are better.
      The peach blossoms are good for emotional
      This is the name implies, which is very helpful for a person's peach blossom transportation. Although it is not allowed to see everyone in love, at least the person who likes you likes is very chance. Even the acquaintance of some coincidences will easily make a person have a pleasure capital in love.
      What plants at the door are good feng shui
      Bamboo is conducive to career Hengtong
      Bamboo is a factor that is very conducive to career, and we can pass this in many cases. The placement at the door of the house has achieved a career in the career. In fact, it is just that we need more investments in work, and unexpected good things happen.
      Izi Shishu is good for noble people.
      Izi tree is a kind of Feng Shui that is easy to meet the noble people. The appearance of such an item at the door of the house will make a person's neighborhood relationship more harmonious. At the same time, it is also easy to get the appreciation or favor of others. An opportunity to introduce casually can be an important turning point in life.
      Can green plants opposite the door of the household? 2 Is it possible to put green plants at the right door
      1. The company's door: Suitable for dying green plants
      , To attract foreign Feng Shui, so the plants here and the layout of Feng Shui are very particular. Placing evergreen plants at the door of the company's door can make foreign Feng Shui more converted into wealth fortunes. It has been constantly accumulated around these evergreen plants. Essence
      . The gate of the community: Replace the season of green plants
      For the community, because of its own population, and the gate of the community is basically not closed, the feng shui layout at the gate of the community is actually critical. For the community, at the position of the community, you should often replace the seasonal green plants and flowers. This can keep the feng shui of the community in a state of active and healthy state, making less contradictions in the community.

      . The door of the home: vines green plants
      If you want to place green plants at your own door, the best choice is some vine green plants. These plants can be very effective The absorption of foreign Feng Shui, and in some cases, can prevent Feng Shui from forming a piercing evil. If the position of the porch is more special, the vines can also improve the family's wealth and career in disguise.
      can you put green plants across the door of the household? 3 is the green plant in the household door
      It is estimated that many people have not passed the camellia at the house in the house, but it It can be said that it is very suitable for green plants, because camellia is more skinny, not coquettish, and easier to feed. A good tea can raise for more than ten years, or even decades. It has grown into two meters high, and the branches have thick bowls. They bloom bright flowers like roses every year. Camellia is resistant to the sun and cold, and usually let the pot soil do not excessive drought. Watering some water, it can grow vigorously, flowers a lot, and the flowering of camellics is also the meaning of flowering and wealthy.
      C wealth bamboo
      The leaves and stems of rich bamboo are very similar to bamboo, but it does not belong to bamboo. It can be cultivated in water or soil, placed in all parts of the room. On the one hand, it can purify the air in the home and enhance the family's physical and mental health index; on the other hand Essence See the rich bamboo at the door, and good luck will come. In general, wealthy bamboo can be made according to your needs, and it looks like leafy. At the same time, the most important thing is that the rich bamboo is particularly good. The place where the entrance door is entered, it is best to cultivate the green plants with longevity.

      kumquat trees
      kumquat trees, as a tree of prosperous wealth, because "orange" and "Ji" are homophonic, put a pot of kumquat at home, which means that the family is auspicious Ruyi Ruyi Ruyi Ruyi Essence In addition, the colors of kumquats and gold ingots are extremely similar, so there is also a wide range of wealth and harvesting the image of prosperity. The kumquat tree is suitable for the southeast corner of the entry of the home.
      The copper coin
      Thiro is like ancient copper coins, which symbolizes good luck and reunion. And the name is stained with the word "copper" and "money", and the meaning becomes particularly different. Coppercurus is also considered a symbol of wealth. The family has copper coins and the wealth is rolling.

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