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    English is very good


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    1. Play a Piano Piece:
      The piano song

      piece [pi: s]

      n. Scholar, one, one, one ...
      v. Patch together, connect

      Character changes
      Tense: Pieced, piec · ING, PIEC · ES
      Cap said
      By The piece
      Pixing, counting, liability r
      set piece
      r nn. A custom painting, talk about the topic

      Fowling piece
      nnnnnnnnnn. shotgun; n
      piece goods
      n. Head, cloth

      piece of cake

      three-piece suit
      three-piece suite

      think piece
      . Method> Main dishes, the main items

      knee piece

      n n British explanation
      13 term explanations
      a sections part of a whole
      an Important Piece of the Evidence
      AN Item that is an instance of some type n [Exam a lovely piece of china
      show all ... (13)
      a portion of a natural object
      [同] part, piece
      [Exam Three PARTS
      he Needed A Piece of Granite
      a Musical Work that has ben created
      [t], Musical, OPUS, PIECE, PIECE of Music
      the is writing in Four Movements
      AN Instance of some Kind
      [o] bit, piece n [Exam]
      IT WAS A Nice Piece of Work
      he Had A Bit of Good Luck
      AN Artistic or Literary
      he wrote on iRAN
      the Children Act Piece to amuse the guests
      a portable gun
      [p] Firearm, PIECE, Small-RM
      he wore his firerm in a Shoulder
      a server has Been Cut from a Larger Portion
      [b] PIECE, Slice
      a piece of pie
      a slice of break
      a distance
      t is down the road a piece
      a work of Art Artistic Value
      [同] Objet Dart, PIECE
      it is not known who created this piece
      a period of length (usually shop) Marked by some action or consition
      [Same] Patch, Piece, Spell, While n [Exam]
      he Was Here for a Little While
      I NEED To REST for A Piece
      a Spell of Good Weather
      a Patch of Bad Weather
      a Share of of of Something
      [s] Piece, Slice
      a slice of the companys revenue
      game equipment of an object user PIECE
      he taught me to set up the men's break
      he a piece to get a strategic
      n n

      1 · The two pieces screw together easily.
      The two components are easy to twist together.
      2 · This piece is to the whole.
      This is indispensable for the whole.
      3 · We shall turn this piece of Barren Land Into Wheat Fields.
      We want to turn this boring place into wheat fields.
      4 · I looked Painfully at the Vase Broken Into Pieces.
      I watched this broken vase in pain.
      5 · Jewelry, Vases and Carved Pieces are Ornaments.
      Jewelry, vases and sculptures are decorations.
      6 · This piece of cloth was ear every by a moth.

      7 · Doing my algebra was a piece of cake.
      is too easy for me to do mathematics.
      8 · a piece of juicy gossip is going the rounds.
      The vivid gossip is spreading

      go on the stage
      n R n1 · Be an actor, 2 · Her dramatic career

      1.this was the first time she apped on the stage.
      This is the first time she appeared on the stage.
      2.That Singer Cut A Swath on the Stage in the Small Town.
      The singer made the limelight on the stage of this town.
      3.Several New Plays will be put on the state on national day.
      National Day will staged several new dramas.
      4.There are many on the stage.
      The spotlights on the stage.
      5.A Ghostly Figure Appeared on the Stage.
      A ghost figure appears on the stage.
      6.recent nudity on the stage has been the time of the town.
      The nude on the stage has become a topic of everyone.
      7.The Singer Stood on the Stage and Played The Guitar.
      Singer stood on the stage to play guitar.

      Reference webpage
      The webpage below may help you understand this entry:
      i have stood on the stage and gone toe-toe with him in 22 defbates.

      appear on the stage
      The giving you a large vocabulary dictionary. Add new vocabulary with higher frequency of the network daily, which is much more than Kingsoft Ci! Intersection Very small and powerful. have a look. Essence Essence

      Music Piano is wrong
      piano music, but it is not very good
      a piano piece is a piano song
      piece piano is wrong
      go on the Stage is playing on stage, performance, not necessarily actors.
      john Goes on the Stage and Gives An.
      a Piano Piece is a piano music, not a movement, the movement is movement.

    3. C
      . Julia is playing a movement with the piano. Here is the meaning of Piece in the movement

      piano is a noun as a attribution to modify it

      go on the stage means that the stage means

    4. English is not very good, but I think these problems can still be done

      to select C
      Play a Piano Piece: Bounce a piano song

      go on the Stage literal translation: On the stage, isn't it the meaning of starting the stage career? But this is a stage actor.

      It step on the stage Step Onto the Stage
      The stage step office

      get up on stage. Open Get Up ---- On Stage
      , you can show that you are sitting, standing up, and going to the stage

    5. I answered the following questions. In fact, the two meanings are right. Go on also means to go up. Go on (or take to or tard) the state on the dictionary is the stage. I think so, so it is not a misunderstanding of people.

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