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    How to play bragging games


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to play bragging games”
    1. Rules of Bloger Game:
      Paping: The card from the licensee is 1 to 8 (two -auxiliary cards 1 to 16) cards, deducted it, and announced a few cards, such as "two 7". You can choose the following laws.
      : Do not believe: (except yourself, anyone else can believe it), then open the cards, if it is deceived, then all the cards in this round are all turned over; If it wasn't for Zhang, he would not believe it. Then the winner continues to play and shout.
      : Believe and follow the card: The person who follows the card can only follow one to four cards, and then call the card: the other is to add a call, that is, add cards on the basis of the original Zhang 7 ", you can" add 1 card 7 ", or you can call other personal accounts, such as" 2 photos 8 ", but you must meet two conditions. In the case, the point of power is bigger.
      : Give up, indicating that I believe that the card of the last shouting person, give up the opportunity to follow the card or add cards, and the next one is processed.
      Ifnoly to give up on a number of people's turn, the card just now becomes a circle, and it will no longer open as an elimination card.
      If you do n’t believe in your home three times in the next three times, and you are true for three times, then you do n’t believe it will be automatically given up for the third time.

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