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    PS4 version of Street Fighter 5, how do you play in double play?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “PS4 version of Street Fighter 5, how do you play in double play?”
    1. First of all, talk about the single joystick certification method: insert the P3 joystick you want to use, log in to a account with the handle, start the game, enter the settings, and other settings. The options, press the circle, wait for the authentication. At this time, the joystick and the handle can be controlled. The handle is put aside. It can be operated with the joystick. The handle must be kept electric.
      If the double PS3 joystick, there must be two PS4 handles, because the PS4 controller is assigned the account login, a account can only log in to one controller, and then bundle the joystick and go to the handle to realize it to Compatible.
      Seting 2P joystick: Locked a new account User1 with another idle handle, enter the game, enter the settings, and other settings to distribute the old controller to 2P. Similarly, the handle must be kept open and then enter the battle mode You can VS, the number of battle situations and time of 1P settings, 1P2P choose to start the game, it is OK.
      The configuration specifications
      The official claim that the 4 host's computing power is about ten times that of 3 hosts, and the game screen further improves the resolution to 1080P.
      The comparison 3, 4 adds many features, such as cross -game voice chat function, transformation into a network of real friends, and through the USDREAM and Twitch network streaming live broadcast pictures.
      The is said that more PS4 functions will be launched one after another. During the development of the host, in order to avoid excessive pursuit of performance and make the game software more difficult, Sony gave up 3 original design.
      The X86 framework that is the same as the personal computer makes it easier for game development; but the disadvantage is that it cannot be compatible with 3, 2 or games.

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