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    There are more than ten sentences in English. Essence There is a translation,


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    1. As a man likes so shall he die.

      2.as a master is, so do dofes he speak.

      3.as a man sows, so he shall reaP.

      4.a Secret BetWeen More than Two is No Secret.
      The secrets that two people know are not secret.
      5.a service is known by his masters absence.
      The owner is not here to see the servant of the servant.
      6.A Silent Tongue and True Heart Are the Most Admirable Things on Earth.
      The silent mouth is the most praise of the world.
      7.a single spark can start a proirie fire.
      The fire of the star, which can be alarm.
      8.as is the workman so is the work.
      Who workers and what work is.
      9.ask no questions and you will be told no lies.
      If you ask less, the lies are difficult to enter.
      10.a sart coat is a good letter of.
      people want clothes, Buddha wants gold.
      11.A Small Leak Will Sink a Great Ship.
      A small vulnerability may sink a large ship.
      12.A Smooth Sea NEVER MADE A Skillful Mariner.
      The calm ocean cannot practice skilled sailors.
      13.a sow, when found; Return to the muck.

      14.a spot is most seen on the finest cloth.
      The cleanest cloth, the stain is particularly conspicuous.
      15.as time as you have drunk, you turn your back upon the spring.

      16.a staff is quickly found to bet a dog with.

      17.as the best wine makes the sharpest vinegar, so the deepest love turn to the deadliest.
      18.as the call, so the echo.
      What sound and echo.
      19.as the foot Thinks, so the fell clinks.
      20.as the inner life is, so will be the lightuage.

    2. A bad Beginning Makes a Bad Ending. A bad workman always blames his tools. A bird in the hand is word than in the bush. A bad things never disas. A boaster and a liaar are cousins ​​-German. Blucking and lying are the same. A bully is always a coward. A candle lights other and consumes my. CLOSE MOUTH Catches No Flies. A cat may look at a king. Everyone is equal. A constant guest is never welcome. Action Speak Louder than Words facts are better than arguments. Adversity Leads to. Poor is thinking. Adversity Makes a Man Wise, not rich. A fair dethhors the whole life. A faithful friend is hard to find. A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit. A fox may geow gray, but never good. A friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend is easy love than found. A Friend is never known till a man has need. A friend with good faults will never be found. There is no perfect 'after you you' is good manners. You please first. "A good beginning is half done. A good beginning is half of the success. The first person is good. A good book is a good friend. Good book is like a close friend. A good book is the best of friends, the ame today and forever. If you lose your mind, you are not afraid of ghosts. A good face is better than a good face. A good huSband Makes a good Wife. a man's best wealth. Wife Xian is good for men's greatest wealth. A Great Talker is a Greatl. Light as water. A Joke Never GAINS An ENEMY But loses a Friend. The teasing cannot turn the enemy as a friend and can only make people lose friends. No one can believe it even if he tells the truth. A Little Body OFTEN HARBORS A GREAT SOUL. Oil. When the enemy flee, everyone becomes a warrior when the enemy escapes. nd. There is no unprecedented feast in the world. All rivers run into sea. Hainan. All Roads lead to rome. All that ends well is well. As a result, everything is good. All that glitters is not get. All things are difficult beface they are easy. Everything is always difficult. All work and no play makes jack a ll boy. A man Becomes Learned by Asking Questions. A man can do no more than he can. A man cannot spin and reel at the ame time. A man is known by his friends. Who made friends. A man of word and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. A man with maney is no man at all. A merry heart goes all the way. A miss is like as a mile. A mother ‘s love never changes. Mother love eternity. An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away. One apple a day, no need to ask a doctor. A New Broom Sweeps Clean. An eye for aneme and a tooth for a tooth. An hour in the morning is word two in the event. An old dog Cannot Learn New Tricks. Old dogs can't learn a new drama. Anone of lucking is worse than a post of wisdom. Anone of is word a post of cure. A rolling stone gathers no moss. As a man sows, so he shall reaP. A single flower does not make a spring. A Snow years, a rich year. Rui Xuezhaofeng. A sound at a sound body. A still tongue makes a wise head. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine. Small caves do not make up, big caves have suffered bitterness. A straight foot is not afraid of a burs of shoe. A hope head makes a close mouth. A word spoken is passt recalling. A Year's Plan Starts with Spring. The year's plan lies in spring. A young idler, an old beggar. Bad news has wings. Good things can not go out, and bad things spread thousands of miles. Barking Dogs Seldom Bite. Beauty lies in the love 's eyes. Be swift to hear, bit to speak. Better late than never. Better to ask the way than go asstray. BetWeen Friends all is commit. Birds of a feather flow together. Blood is thicker than water. Blood is thicker than water. Blood will have blood. Blood debt and blood. BOOKS and FRIENDS ShULD Be FEW But good. Business is business. Cheats never propr. Business is the salT of life. Career is the first need for life. By Reading We Enrich the Mind, by we polish it. Reading makes people fully, and the conversation is savvy. Cannot see the wood for the trees. Care and diligence bring luck. Be careful and diligent to seize the opportunity. Caution is the paint of safety. Children are what the motherers are. Choose an author as you chooose a friend. COME What May, Heaven Won't Fall. Do you, the sky cannot fall. is the enmy of study. In your case is the first step on the road to success. Confidence is the first step to succeed. Content is better than riches. Connector Constant Dripping wears later a stone. Count one ‘S Chickens Before they are hartched. Courtesy on one size only lasts not long. CREEP BeFore You Walk. Cry for the Moon. Haidilao Moon. CUSTOM is a Second Nature. Habits are developed the day after tomorrow. Custom Makes All Things Easy. There is a good habit, and everything is not difficult. Diamond cuts diamond. Do as the romans do. Do as you would be do done by. Doing is better than saying. Instead of hanging on the mouth, it is better to implement it. Do it now. The machine must not be lost, and do not come to nothing by hoves. Don ‘t Claim to Know What you do know. Do n’t know how to pretend. Do have too many in the fire. Don ‘t make a mountain out of a molehill. DO PUT Office Till Tomorrow what should be do done today. Today's matter, today. DO PUT PUT The CART BeEFORE The HORSE. Don ‘t Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You. Do n’t worry about it. Don ‘t try to teach your to suck eggs. Do well and have well.

    3. 1. He that runfastedst gets the right.
      2. He that talks much lies much.
      3. He that talks much.
      4. He that the sub is the devil must have a long spoon. It must be specifically guarded.
      5. He that never rode never fell.
      6. He that never climbed never fell. Those who do not climb up will not fall.
      7. He that oncedived is never suspected.
      8. He that return, it was evilly obtains the victory.
      9. He that space the baby the good. Forgive the bad person to hurt good people.
      10. He that server for money Will server for better wages.
      11. He that life is learned enough.
      he that is ILL to his be good to nobody.
      12. He that is master of hemseell will not to all of Others.
      13. He that Marries for Wealth Sells his Liberty. He that lies down with dogs must rise up with fleas. He That Knows Nothing, Doubts Nothing. He that knows not How to hold his tongue knows not How to talk. He that hath time high life. With time, life is life.
      18. He that has no children knows not what is love. People without children do not understand what love is.
      19. He that is full of hemset is very empty.
      20. He that has a great nose thinkbody is speaking of it. He that has a tongue in his head may find his way anywhere.
      22. He that feature bush must never go a-birding.
      23. He that doth what he will doth Not what he ought.
      24. He that convers not knows nothing.
      25. He that deceives me once, shame fall him, if he develops me twice, shame fall me.
      is deceived once, shamelessly;
      26. He that dothing at only dothing.
      27. He that gains time gains all thing. Getting time is to get everything
      28. He that breas of his own own knowledge proclaims iGnornce.
      29. He that cannot ask cannot live. He that climbs high falls heavily.
      31. He usel lives most for Others. Living people who have contributed the most to others are the most meaningful.
      32. He Preaches Best WHO LIVES BEST words are not as good as tutoring.
      33. He lives twice who lives well.
      34. He Knows Much WHO KNows How to Hold his tongue.
      35. He Laughs Best WHO LAUGHS LAST Who laughed at the end, who laughed best.
      36. He knows best what good is that has enricd elm.
      37. He Knows Most Who Speaks Least.
      38. He is wise that is honest. The honesty is wise.
      39. He is wise that knows when hes well enough. Contentive people are smart people.
      40. He Knocks Boldly at the Door WHO BRINGS Good News.
      41. He is unword water to lives only for his.
      42. He is wise that high wit entuit enough for his own affair.
      43. He is the wisest man who dofes not thinking him.
      44. He is rich.
      45. He is not ficted to Command Others that cannot commit himset. He is not a wise man who cannot play the foot on occasion.
      47. He is truly happy who makes other Happy.
      48. He is who cannot bear.
      49. He is a food who cannot be angry, but he is a wise man who will not not.
      50. He is liveless that is faultless.

      kings have long aRMS.
      Under the world, it is the king soil.
      knowledge is power.
      The knowledge is power.
      knowledge makes humble, Ignorance Makes Proud.
      This is humble and ignorant.
      learn and live.
      alive to learn.
      learning makes a good man better and ILL man worse.
      The better the good people, the better the bad people learn.
      learn not and know not.

      learn to walk before you run.

      Let bygones be bygones.
      The ones to let it pass in the past.
      let sleeping dogs lie.

      let the cat out of the baby.

      lies can never change.
      Lies are lies after all.
      lies have short legs.
      The lies are not long.
      life is but a span.

      life is had spent beFore we know what it is.
      for half a life, he knows his destiny.
      life is not all roses.
      The life is not Kangzhuang Avenue.
      life with a friend is deth.
      has no friends, although he is still dead.
      like a rater in a hoLE.
      like author, like book.

      like father, like son.

      like for like.

      like knows like.

      like mother, like daughter.

      Like Teacher, like pupil.
      what kind of teacher what kind of teacher taught.
      never come alone.

      tests the sincericRity of friend.

      money isnt.
      The money is not universal.
      murder will out.
      This can not hold the fire.
      My Son is my son till he has got him a wife, but my daUGHTER is my daughter all the days of her life.

      nature is the true law.
      necessITY is the mother of invention.

      Never Fish in Trouble Water.

      never judge from.

      never say die.
      never defeated.
      never too old to learn, never too late to turn.

      new wine in old bottles.
      old bottle new wine.
      NO Cross, no crown.
      does not experience wind and rain, how to see the rainbow.
      no garden withthout its weeds.

      no living man all things can.
      has no all things in the world.
      NO Man Can do Two Things at ONCE.

      NO Man is Born Wise or Learned.

      no man is content.

      no man is wise at all times.
      Smart life, confused.
      none are so blind as a those who wont see.
      turned a blind eye.
      NONE are so deaf as the whole who wont hear.

      no news is good news.
      The good news without message.
      no One can call back yesterday.
      Plores will not be reproduced yesterday.
      no pains, no gains.

      no pleasure without.

      no rose without a thorn.

      NO SWEET Without Sweat.

      NO SMOKE Without Fire.

      nothing brave, nothing have.
      not entering the tiger's hole, obtaining a tiger.
      nothing dries sooner than a tear.
      This tears are fastest.
      nothing in the world is different for one who sets his mind to it.
      The is not difficult in the world.
      nothing is different to the man who will.
      nothing seek, nothing find.

      nothing is so necessary for travelers as languages.

      nothing is to be get withthout pains but poverty.
      The only poverty in the world can be obtained without work.
      not to advance is to go back.

      not to know what happy one was born is alway.
      no way is to count.

      obedine is the first type ty of a Soldier.
      The soldiers obeyed the order as a heavenly position.
      is the best teacher.
      Observation is the best teacher.
      offense is the best defense.
      The attack is the best defense.
      old friends and old wines are best.
      Chen wine is mellow and old friendly.
      old sin makes new shame.

      once a man and twice a child.
      once old, twice small.
      once a whole, always a thief.
      stole the thief once.
      once bitten, twice shy.
      . Once he was bitten by a snake, he was afraid of well rope for ten years.
      one boy is a boy, two box half a boy, three boy no boy.
      one monk picks water to drink, two monks lift the water to drink, and three monks have no water to drink.
      one cannot put back.
      one is better than ten hearsays.
      is not as good as seeing it.
      one false movement may lose the game.
      is accidentally lost.
      one good towrn deserves another.

      one hour today is word tomorrow.

      one masct is Other Mans lesson.
      The lesson.
      one never loses anything by.

      one swallow does not make a summer.

    4. 1. Love House and Black LOVE Me, Love My Dog.
      2. It is better to see Seeing Is Believing.
      3. There are more thanrse off than some, better off too BEST, But BETTER than the Worst.
      4. Stupid birds fly a single swarrow should make an elely start.
      5. External GAINS, Not Saddened by Personnal Losses
      7. Something spares spare no effort; go all out; do one best
      8. Wall Rob Peter to pay Paul
      10. Say the old gallery new Bid Farewell to the old and user in the new; Ring out the old year and ring in the new
      11. their mistake sound less serious and then to rece it to nothing at all rn12.大开眼界open ones eyes; broaden ones horizon; be an eye-opener rn13.国泰民安The country and people live in peace r n14. Undear, going too far is as aS bad as not going farning; beyond is as falling short; too much is as aS too little
      15. n16. Okay, the scar is forgotten on the pain on should, one plays no more
      17. Good things are not going out. Good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spream far and wide.
      18. NEVER TOO OLD to Learn.
      20. Do not blame Let Bygones be bygones
      21. .
      23. Pretty to the doublen-to-earth
      24. Step on the feet on the fence
      25. Green
      26. The old talked about Cut and Dried, Cliché
      27. Successful itemEx technology victy; win install asss
      30. Watta -wee in use in black face and wealth
      31. On the festivation of the festive occasions more than the one thinks of the one dear one ,t is on the lastival occasions hisses his dear most.
      34. the outcom with heaven. Man proposes, God Dispos es.
      35. Cooling into a clumsy be too smart by half; Cunning outwits itseelf
      36. Others to come forward with value; Throw a sprat to cats everything
      39. Cut off all means of retreat; Burn One way of return and be fight to the end n40. The machine take the
      41. The clever woman is hard to cook you have no hand, a hand a found. One Cant Make Bricks Without Straw.
      42. Step-The Highest Eiminence is to be gained step by step
      43. The time in whose shade another rests.one sows and another reaps.
      45. I was afraid of the wolf. (From the Outside) Finds It Hard to Control a Snake in ITS OLD Haunt-Powerful Outsiders Can Hardly Afford to Neglet Local Bullies.
      47. Xuezhaofeng A Timely Snow Promises a good Harvest.
      49. HUGE-CROWD Strategy
      52. There are no difficulties in the world as long as you are willing to climb where there is a will, there is a way.
      53. n54. After dying, it has been unil my heart stops beating
      55. Ping An Peace All year Round.
      57. Sai Weng lost the horse and knows not to be a blessing. n59. Upgrade the replacement of updating and upgrading (of processs)
      60. Forty does not confuse Life Begins at Forty.
      61. 62. Water rising when the river rises, the boat floats high.
      63. From facts; be practical and realistic; be true to factor
      66. he comes.
      67. To be honest, Speak The Plain Truth; call a spade a spade; tell it as it is is
      68. Practice is the only standard for testing truth. n69. The mountain is not high, and the name of the immortal name No Matter How high the mountain is, its name will spread far and wide if there is a fairry;
      70. Sugar-coated bullets
      72. Unexpectedly, there is an unpredictable Fengyun Anything May Happen. a bolt from the block
      73. jumped into the Yellow River, one can not wash oneself clean--theres nothing one can do to clear ones name rn75.歪风邪气unhealthy practices and evil phenomena rn76.物以类聚,人以群分Birds of a feather FLOCK TOGETHER.
      77. The past has vanished (from memory) like wind.; what in pas, is pas
      78. Even the rainy never coming singly. When it rains it posms.
      80. Wen Tao Wuli Mility Expertise; Mility Strategy
      81. Water Without a Source, and a tree wiithout roots
      83. Ke Create Something Out of Nothing
      84. There is no wind without waves. a New Broom Sweeps Clean
      87. Humbling makes people progress, pride makes people behind Modesty Helps One GoWard, whereas conceit makes one lag before.
      88. n89. Thoughts of May All Your Wish Come True
      90. Bound
      93. Like the ant like an ant on a hot pan
      94. mingled hope and fear rn97.循序渐进step by step rn98.一路平安,一路顺风speed somebody on their way; speed the parting guest rn99.严以律己,宽以待人be strict with oneself and lenient towards Others
      100 fish rice hometown
      101. A lover finally becomes a dependent jack shall have jill, all shall be well.
      102. Money can make ghosts grinding Money MAKES the MARE GO. Money Talks.
      103. Than Brain
      105. foremost rn108.因材施教teach students according to their aptitude rn109.欲穷千里目,更上一层楼to ascend another storey to see a thousand miles further; Ascend further, were you to look farther; Would eye Embrace a Thousand Miles? Go Up, One Flight. a Land of Milk and Honey
      110. The speed of desire does not reach the harste does not bring Success.
      111.见略同Great minds think alike. rn113.冤家宜解不宜结Better make friends than make enemies. rn114.冤假错案cases in which people were unjustly, falsely or wrongly charged or sentenced; unjust, false OR Wrong Cases
      115. When it comes out, it is difficult for the horse to chase a real man never goes back on his words.
      118. Achilles heel
      119. Undred Battles with No Danger of Defeat.
      121. SEA

    5. A cat in gloves catno mice. The limbs are not diligent.
      a tree is known by its from.
      a stich in time saves nine.
      a Friend is a Second Self. Friends are another self.
      a lazy youth, a lousy ag.
      a high building, a low.
      a full cup must be carried carefully.
      do not cut down the time that gives you shade.
      genius is not labor and diligence. Genius is just diligent.
      time tries all.
      time is the sound of the world. Time is the soul of the world.
      DO it now.
      is the first step in progess. Not satisfying is the beginning of progress.
      We cannot ffford to be wasted is time.
      Bind the sack before it be full.
      a Bad Life, a Bad End. Will be devoted to the embrace of others and will always abandon me.

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