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    Those game companies pay more than 100 million years, how much tax should be paid


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 从交税的项目而言,大体要分为三项:流转税(包括营业税、增值税等)、所得税(包括企业所得税、个人所得税)、和一些其他税种(包括消费税、资源税、房产税、 Urban land use tax, stamp tax, vehicle and boat tax, etc.).

      . The concept of tax law. It is the general term for the legal norms of the state power organs and its authorized administrative agencies. Its core content is the distribution of tax benefits.
      . The essence of taxation. Taxation is a form of distribution of social products by virtue of political power or public power. Taxation is a form of allocation of public needs; taxation has non -direct repayment (free), mandatory obligation (mandatory), and statutory normative (fixedness).
      . Taxation. Taxation is accompanied by the emergence of the country. The premise of material is that there are surplus products in society. The premise of society is that there are regular public needs. Economic premise is that there are independent economic interests, and the upper layer conditions are mandatory public power. China's taxation was only when Lu Xuangong implemented a "initial tax acres" in the Spring and Autumn Period of 594 BC to establish a private ownership of the land.
      . The role of taxation. As one of the economic leverage, taxation has the functions of regulating income distribution, promoting resource allocation, and promoting economic growth.
      . The seven elements composed of the tax system
      1, the taxpayer, also known as the taxpayer, refers to the natural person, legal person or other organizations that stipulate the tax obligations directly to the tax authority.
      2, taxation objects, also known as taxation objects, refer to what tax levies stipulated in the tax law.
      3, tax rate, this is the proportion between the taxable amount and the taxation object, the scale of calculating the taxable amount, and reflecting the degree of taxation. The tax rate has three basic forms: proportional tax rate, progressive tax rate (full accumulation and excess accumulation) and fixed tax rate.
      4, the taxation link refers to the stage of the product in accordance with the tax law throughout the circulation process.
      5, the tax period is the specific time for taxpayers to pay taxes to tax authorities. Generally, two types are requisitioned on schedule.
      6, the tax location refers to the place where the tax is paid. Generally, it is for the residence of taxpayers, and there are also regulations on the place of business.
      7. Tax discounts refer to the tax law to give the exemption part or all taxpayers on certain taxpayers or taxpayers. In terms of purpose, there are two types of care and encouragement.
      6. The current tax classification and tax. According to the current category, it is mainly transfer tax, income tax, property tax, resource tax, behavioral tax, and other:
      1, transfer tax: VAT, consumption tax, business tax, tariff, vehicle purchase tax, etc.; Income tax: corporate income tax, personal income tax;
      3, resource tax: resource tax, urban land use tax, land value -added tax, etc.;
      4, property tax Behavioral tax: stamp duty, car and boat use tax, car and boat use license tax, urban maintenance construction tax, etc.
      6, other taxes: agricultural Link production tax, cultivated land occupation tax, deed tax, etc.

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