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    What are the online games


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Do you want to ask a few types, according to Encyclopedia:
      1. Leisure online game: that is, after the game platform (web or program) provided by the online service provider (webpage or program), you can play online games with double or multiplayer games. a) Traditional chess and cards: such as chess, table games, royal Texas Hold'em [1] electric poker, serial treasure, color gold wheel disk [1], etc.,
      casual games
      The company mainly includes Tencent, Lianzhong, Sina, etc. b) New forms (non -chess cards): online games adapted from various board games such as Three Kingdoms and UNO cards.
      2. Network battle game: that is, players support the local area network matching function game sold on the market, through the intermediate server of the network, to achieve battle, such as CS, StarCraft, Warcraft, etc. , Haofang, etc.

      3. The role -playing large online game: that is, RPG class, by playing a certain role, through the execution of the task, to improve the level, wait for treasures, etc. Wait, the main grands of such platforms are grand.

      4. Functional online games: that is, non -online game companies initiate functional online games with specific functions through the form of online games: glorious mission (the development of the Nanjing Military Region is used for military training), which is based on Simplified Stock City Meteorological Observatory (Fund and investment institutions are developed to collect the trend and dynamics of the stock market), clean warriors (for anti -corruption education), learning Lei Feng (Shanda's educational online game) and so on.

    2. Inventory of those fun online games first Jedi Survival, this shooting fire throughout the world is the most commonly said is that you eat chicken today? One of the indispensable activities in the life of contemporary young people
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