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    What does the use of Best and phrases mean in Chinese


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Best has the best; the best waiting meaning, so do you know the usage of Best? Let me learn the use of BEST and phrases together with me. I hope it will be helpful to everyone's learning!

      best Usage of Usage 1: BEST is used as an adjective is the highest -level form of Good. It can be used as attributive or speaking in the sentence. When used as attributives, the crown words are usually added before; the THE is not needed when used as a watch. Best sometimes adds A without adding it. At this time, the meaning of expression is different.
      Best Usage 2: When used as a watch, then the clauses guided by that can be connected. The predicate verb in the sentence should be virtual.
      Best Usage 3: When BEST is used to modify the precedent words in the attributive clause, the predicate verb in the sentence clause must be completed.
      Best Usage 4: Next [sex] Best means "the second best" and "a little". For example: Brooks is the Next Best Player in the Team. Brooks is the second best player in the team.
      Best usage 5: Best can sometimes represent the special significance that did not have after the original Good. For example: I have ben waiting for the best part of a day.
      Best usage 6: Best and The Best are correct when used as speaking. Generally speaking, there is no difference in meaning. However, A.S. Hornby believes that using The meaning can make the meaning more direct and more accurate.
      BEST's usage 7: Best is used as the most advanced form of Well. Basically, it means "the best". It can modify both dynamic verbs and static verbs. When "the most, the highest" solution, it is synonymous with MOST, often uses a static verb with LOVE, Like, Hate, Know, wait for the static verbs that indicate psychological feelings.
      Best Usage 8: Best is also often used to form composite words.
      Best Usage 9: When BEST is used as adverb, it is generally not determined before. But sometimes in order to strengthen the tone, the crown words are also added.
      BEST's usage 10: When BEST is used as a noun, it can refer to both "the best thing" or "the best person". For abstract significance, it can also refer to "the most important aspect" and "the most important superiority".
      Best Usage 11: Best is generally only used in the single number form. When it is a theme, the predicate verb is used. BEST often adds crown words or host pronouns.
      Best Usage 12: In The Best of phrase, the nouns behind of of general are generally used, and sometimes you can use a single number.
      Best Usage 13: Best can sometimes refer to the "highest record", and it can also represent "the best wishes" in American speaking.
      The common phrases of Besides are used as adjectives (adj.)
      make the best use of
      ones best bet
      used as adverbs (ADV.) CAN
      used as a noun (n.) n at best
      atStees best n at the best of times
      do [try] have] The best of
      has been of both worlds
      made the best of
      best usage examples 1. The best thing to do when enknown territory is Smile. n step. The best countermeasure in the unknown zone is a smile.
      2. The Happy are not thinking who own all the best thing, but through the the beauty of life.
      The happiest people are not necessarily the best, but they know how to appreciate the life of life. good.
      3. Some companies are cutting costs and hoping for the best.
      Pews are cutting costs and hope everything will improve.
      4. I found myself behind a curtain, necking with my best.
      I realized that I kissed my friend's wife behind the curtain.
      5. "all the best," Called the Other Typists in chorus.
      "I wish you all the best," the other typists shouted uniformly.
      6. "take that" are the best group in the whole world. So there.
      The "reception" band is the best combination in the world, that's it.
      7. He Might Decide that it is best to ins.
      . He may decide the best output.
      8. His best friend was killed by polled by pollet.
      9. Swimming is probably the best form of exce experience you can get.
      Swimming may be the best way to exercise.
      10. IM the best man for the job, I hope.
      Wang hope I am the best candidate for that job.
      11. He game one of his beast in a long time.
      This he performed for a long time, which is one of his most wonderful farce.
      12. Adjust the Aerials Position and Direction for the Best Reception.
      The position and direction of the antenna to achieve the best receiving effect.
      13. A Waiter Mopped up the mess as best he core.
      1 14. Theyre tring their beast to bring together through sections.
      15. "Monopoly" is one of the best-see game of all time.
      "Monopoly" is one of the best-selling games ever.
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