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    What is jj fighting landlord?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. The "JJ competition" is a chess and card game competitive platform developed by the competitive World (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., which restores the origin of chess and card games- "Athletic"! The "JJ competition" platform is "competitive" as its core demand. It is the first domestic chess and card competition competitive platform. It has a 24 -hour game and wait for the competition. Never cheat, randomly match the table, monitor the video throughout the process. The refreshing competition system, stimulating competitions support the competition of 10,000 people in the same field. It provides a complete competition process, such as knockout systems, circular competition systems, double defeat knockout systems, points promotion systems, groups qualifying systems, standing out of the game system, Swiss transfer The position system, the resurrection system, etc., a variety of competition systems can be combined into various schedule arrangements according to the needs of the championship. A variety of tension, fierce, and exciting competitions can be held. Live a happy game time in the tension of "fighting with others"!

      The success of the "JJ competition" is that in the "competitive" competition mode, players can feel the thrill of competition and win free prizes and exquisite platform interfaces through competitions. Compared with other chess and cards, it can improve the player's participation and the wonderfulness of the game.

    2. Isn't it a landlord? Is there anything different?
      But I don’t play anymore now, because I feel that it is boring if I do n’t have a little bit of color,
      Some internationally popular games feel pretty good, you can take a look.

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